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[Requirements and comments]
version 2.0 / september 2012
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[FOREIGN LEGION] understands that common sense is the best regulator of relationships between people. Therefore, when proposing a person to be hosted at your home, we will put you in contact with him/her so that you can agree the conditions of his/her visit.

Nevertheless, we have specified some issues that ought to be considered.

  1. Our main goal is to facilitate cultural approchement, so that everyone will benefit from the experience. We assume you will assist your guest in getting in contact with other artists and other cultural agents, provide information about interesting places to visit and, if possible, activities that you could share together.
    We foster freedom of expression, therefore we cannot support any kind of discrimination. We respect the political, religious and sexual ideologies of everyone, and this is what we expect from the participants of [TFL].
  2. The plan for temporary residence is not profit-minded. Therefore there is no fee included in the deal. If you require an economical contribution, you must consensuate it with your guest beforehand.
  3. All the information you provide is confidential and it will be dealt with confidentiality. It will not be published online nor elsewhere. You will only be contacted by other participants of the programme in case hosting is requested in the city where you live. In case you accept to provide it, we will put you in contact with the other person through an introductory electronic mail.
  4. [If you can’t, it’s ok.] If you have a problem, have to leave the city or you just can’t receive someone in your house when requested, it’s OK.
  5. [About your permanence in THE FOREIGN LEGION] You can sign in and out whenever you want, just let us know a week in advance.
  6. [Expenses] If you decide to cook together at your place, it’s understood that the expenses will be shared. In the case of laundry, an agreement should be made on the cost of the cleaning products, etc.
  7. [Cleaning] You should provide the lining (sheets, blankets) and, optionally, bath towels. The tidyness of the room is the responsibility of the guest, but the cleaning of kitchenware and common spaces should be shared.
  8. There is no obligation to have a telephone or internet. If you have them, you should explain their operability (cables, wifi passwords, etc.)
    For the use of the telephone, guests know that they can only make phonecalls using pre-paid cards and that there should be no inconvenience in receiving incoming phone calls.

[Requirements for the guests]

We detail some considerations that guests should have towards their hosts and the place that receives them:

  1. Leave the houseware and furniture in the same conditions in which they were found. In case of loss or damage that may occur, guests will have to pay the corresponding cost.
  2. By the end of their stay, they will return the keys. In case of loss, guests will pay for a new copy.
  3. Respect the rules of not smoking in certain areas of the house (or in the whole house).
  4. In case you decide to cook together, you should share the costs involved in the preparations and leave the kitchenware clean and in the same condition in which it was found.
  5. Respect the resting time of the other dwellers, avoiding to make excessive noise during those hours.
  6. If you want to receive visitors, you should agree with the host and a time limit should be set.
  7. If you use the telephone line, a pre-paid card must be used. Consult about the possibility of receiving calls if you need.

[How do we work?]

The Foreign Legion periodically receives offers to host artists and keeps them organized for when a member of the programme requires it.

This is our working procedure:

  1. We receive the hosting offer.
  2. We check the data and include it in a private listing.
  3. We receive requests for hosting, indicating the city and the number of days to be hosted..
  4. We check the availability in that city.
  5. We send an email to the possible host and confirm the offer for those days.
  6. We put host and guest in contact.
  7. Once the brief stay finishes, we request:
    1. From the guest: a report of his/her activities in the city where he/she has been and an evaluation of his/her stay.
    2. From the host: a report of the experience with the corresponding evaluation.

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